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Common with Stormy Sunset

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Narcisse-Virgilio DIAZ de la Peña , 1807 - 1876

Common with Stormy Sunset

Date: 1850
Medium: Oil on wood, probably mahogany
Dimensions: 37.1 x 54.6 cm
Acquisition credit: Salting Bequest, 1910

Artists of the Barbizon School often used small wood panels like this one when they wanted to work out of doors directly in front of their chosen motif. Easily portable and more sturdy than canvas or paper, the panels allowed the painter to move quickly from one study to another as he recorded changing atmospheric and light conditions.

This picture was known in the 19th century as 'The Sunset'. Often, such oil studies were completed back in the studio where, as here, the artist turned the sketch into a small-scale finished composition.


Land, Sea & City


Fishing, People, Weather, Tree, Lakes, Ponds, Man, Evening, Landscapes, Outdoor, Skies, Storms, Dark, Gloomy, Fisherman, Fishing Rod, 1 Person, Dusk, Sunset, Natural Landscapes, Horizontal, Clouds, Cloudy, Grey, Grey Clouds, Outside, Outdoors, Exterior, Exteriors, Open air, Openair, Landscape, views, view, scenes, scene, scape, Natural Landscape, Scenery, Scenic, Plants, Adult, Male, One person, Lake, Water, Angler, Sundown, Sky, Cloud, Gray Clouds, Gray, Stormy, Storm, Pool

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