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Landscape with Mercury and the Dishonest Woodman

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Salvator ROSA , 1615 - 1673

Landscape with Mercury and the Dishonest Woodman

Date: about 1663
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 125.7 x 202.1 cm
Acquisition credit: Bought, 1837

An honest woodman who had lost his axe was rewarded by Mercury with a golden one when he denied that his own had been of precious metal. A dishonest woodman thereupon claimed that he had lost a golden axe; Mercury recovered it and showed it was merely of iron (Aesop's 'Fables').

This picture cannot be dated securely but is a mature work.


Land, Sea & City, Mythological




Flora, People, Waterways, Trees, Adults, Men, Rivers, Fluvial, Plants, Watercourses, Water, Waterway, Adult, Males, Riverine, River, Wading, Forests, Mythological, Outdoor, Greedy, Horizontal, Forest, Woods, Outside, Outdoors, Exterior, Exteriors, Open air, Openair, Greed, Landscape, Mercury, Dishonest Woodman, rewards, iron axe, golden axe, legend, legends, tale, tales, Aesop Fables, dishonesty, honesty

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