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Saint John on Patmos

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MASTER of the FEMALE HALF-LENGTHS , active second quarter of the 16th century

Saint John on Patmos

Date: about 1540
Medium: Oil on oak
Dimensions: 37.2 × 23.3 cm
Acquisition credit: Presented by Queen Victoria at the Prince Consort's wish, 1863

It was on the island of Patmos that Saint John wrote the Book of Revelation. Beside him rests his symbol, the eagle, holds the saint's ink pot. In the sky above is a vision of a woman and child ('the Woman clothed with the Sun') and the seven-headed dragon of the Apocalypse. On the ground near John is a small devil who may be attempting to prevent him from writing.

The approach to the subject appears to derive from the work of Patinir, but the landscape and figure seem consistent with other studio products of the Master of the Female Half-Lengths.


Land, Sea & City




Animals, People, Religion, Birds, Wildlife, Tree, Hills, Barefoot, Hermit, Woman, Christianity, Religious, Eagle, Christian, Saints, Animal, Plants, Bird, Barefeet, Without Shoes, No Shoes, Person, Adult, Female, Lady, Bird of prey, wildlife, wild life, Falconiformes, Accipitridae, Saint, Wild Life, Wild Lifes, Wildlives, Wildlifes, Wild, nature, Hill, Sitting, Writing, Colour, Isles and Islands, Outdoor, Green, Red, Boulders, Books, Seated, Color, Colours, Colors, Building, Buildings, Symbols, Outside, Outdoors, Exterior, Exteriors, Open air, Openair, Book, devil, distraction, concentration, Saint John, Patmos, Book of Revelation, saint's ink pot, vision, seven-headed dragon, Apocalypse, dress, flying

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