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Portrait of a Poet

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PALMA Vecchio , about 1480 - 1528

Portrait of a Poet

Date: about 1516
Medium: Oil on canvas, transferred from wood, 1857, remounted on wood, 1916
Dimensions: 83.8 x 63.5 cm
Acquisition credit: Bought, 1860

The painting has been supposed to represent a poet for the figure has a book in his hands and there are laurels (with which poets were crowned) behind him. It probably dates from about 1516 when the poem 'Orlando Furioso' was published and achieved instantaneous fame, and so has been proposed as a portrait of the author, Lodovico Ariosto (1474 - 1533).

Ingres's 'Angelica saved by Ruggiero', in the Collection depicts a subject from Ariosto's work.


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