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A View of Rhenen seen from the West

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Salomon van RUYSDAEL , 1600/3? - 1670

A View of Rhenen seen from the West

Date: 1648
Medium: Oil on wood
Dimensions: 30.5 x 41.3 cm
Acquisition credit: Bequeathed by Nicholas A. Argenti with a life interest to Mrs Argenti, 1963

The river in the foreground is the Rhine. On the horizon is the town of Rhenen (Province of Utrecht) with the tower of Cunerakerk and the 'Koningshuis', the residence of Frederick V, King of Bohemia and Elector of the Palatinate and his wife, Maria Stuart. The diagonals formed by the river banks and the clouds are carefully balanced by the cattle and sail boat in the foreground.

Van Ruysdael painted Rhenen on two other occasions. The paintings are now in Los Angeles (Getty Museum) and Merion, Pennsylvania (Barnes Foundation Museum of Art).


Land, Sea & City


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