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Scenes from the Life of Saint John the Baptist: Predella Panels

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Niccolò di Pietro Gerini , documented 1368; died probably 1415, certainly by 1427

Scenes from the Life of Saint John the Baptist: Predella Panels

Short title: Scenes from the Life of Saint John the Baptist
Date: 1387
Medium: Egg Tempera on wood
Dimensions: 43.3 x 96.9 cm
Acquisition credit: Bought, 1857

This is an altarpiece of the Camaldolese Order dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. An inscription which is now no longer visible, recorded that it was painted for Filippo Neroni in 1387 (?). It is probable it was the altarpiece of the Stoldi Chapel in Santa Maria degli Angeli, Florence.

In the centre, Saint John baptizes Christ, with God the Father and the Holy Spirit above. On the wings of the triptych are Saint Peter (left), and Saint Paul (right); the predella, or lower section of the altarpiece, shows episodes from the life of Saint John the Baptist. At the far ends are Saints Benedict (left) and Romuald (right).

The pinnacles and side pilasters are missing.


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