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Still Life with a Lobster

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Willem Claesz. HEDA , 1594 - 1680

Still Life with a Lobster

Date: 1650-9
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 114 x 103 cm
Acquisition credit: Presented by Frederick John Nettlefold, 1947

To a 17th-century viewer the objects brought together in this still life would have suggested considerable wealth and luxury. Not only the lobster, but also salt, pepper and citrus fruit were costly items at that time. The elaborately crafted gold goblet and the stand supporting the glass on the right, were highly valued for their material and workmanship. Blue and white porcelain was imported into the Netherlands from China.

While it remains debatable whether such a display of wealth served as a reminder of the transience of all earthly belongings, the luxury objects clearly point to the elaborate lifestyle of successful Dutch merchants during the 'Golden Age'.


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