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The Death of Eurydice

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NICCOLÒ dell'Abate , about 1509/12 - 1571

The Death of Eurydice

Date: about 1552-71
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 189.2 x 237.5 cm
Acquisition credit: Presented by the National Art Collections Fund, 1941

In the middle distance Orpheus charms wild animals; in the left foreground three nymphs are unaware of the assault by the shepherd Aristaeus on the virtue of Eurydice, Orpheus' wife; centre, the serpent bites her, and right, she dies; further right, Aristaeus consults his mother Cyrene concerning the death of his bees. On the extreme right is the sea-god Proteus who explained to Aristaeus that the disaster in the hives was a punishment for the pursuit of Eurydice. Virgil, 'Georgics' (IV, 315-558).

This picture was probably painted in France where Niccolò worked from 1552 onwards.






People, Seas and Oceans, Dead People, Fear, Dead Woman, Water, Marine, Sea, Ocean, Corpses, Dead Bodies, Dead Body, Died, Corpse, Cadavers, Bodies, Dead, Deceased, Dead Person, Terror, Terrified, Reclining, Running, Bushes, Mountains, Mythological, Outdoor, Skies, Palaces, Square, Clouds, Cloudy, Building, Buildings, Royal, Outside, Outdoors, Exterior, Exteriors, Open air, Openair, Run, Runs, Recline, Reclines, Mountain, Mount, Sky, Cloud, Plants, Shrubs, Mythology, Legend, Death, Eurydice, Aristaeus, consults, Cyrene, death of his bees, sea-god Proteus, punishment, attack, provoked, flight, Orpheus, charms, wild animals, lyre

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