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'The Angel appearing to Saint Joachim and (below) The Birth of the Virgin

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'The Angel appearing to Saint Joachim and (below) The Birth of the Virgin

Short title: Saint Joachim and the Angel; The Birth of the Virgin
Date: 1375-1400
Medium: Tempera on wood
Dimensions: 63.8 x 27.8 cm
Acquisition credit: Bequeathed by H.E. Luxmoore, 1927

Side panels of the Virgin's life: Left: her birth - Saint Joachim's offering rejected; an Angel appears to him; the Meeting at the Golden Gate; the Birth of the Virgin. Right: miracles - Helsinus saved from shipwreck; he preaches celebration of the Immaculate Conception; devils drown a French canon; the Virgin restores him to life.

The work is connected with the Immaculate Conception, a popular but unofficial belief. The miracles of the Virgin are related to this theme. The predella shows Christ and the twelve Apostles. The Virgin is in the pose of the Madonna of Humility.




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