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The Story of the Schoolmaster of Falerii

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Attributed to the MASTER of MARRADI , late 15th century

The Story of the Schoolmaster of Falerii

Date: late 15th century
Medium: Egg tempera on carved and gilded wood
Dimensions: 38.4 x 127.6 cm
Acquisition credit: Presented by the Misses Lindsay, 1912

'Cassoni' were part of the furnishing of the Italian bedchamber and were often painted. This chest was probably rebuilt in the 19th century, and it has also been entirely regilded.

The story on the front comes from the historians Plutarch and Livy. On the right it shows the Roman general Camillus on a white horse, refusing to take the besieged city of the Falerians by treachery.

97 x 200 x 75 cm; main panel, tempera on wood, 38.4 x 127.6 cm.




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