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Interior of St Cunerakerk, Rhenen

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Bartholomeus van BASSEN , active 1613; died 1652

Interior of St Cunerakerk, Rhenen

Date: 1638
Medium: Oil on oak
Dimensions: 61.1 x 80.5 cm
Acquisition credit: Presented by F.A. White through the National Art Collections Fund, 1917.

This is a view of the west end of the St Cunerakerk, the court chapel of the exiled Frederick V of the Palatinate, King of Bohemia, and his queen, Elizabeth Stuart. It is one of the few of van Bassen's paintings that accurately represent an actual building (though van Bassen has made some changes and has invented some elements of the architecture and the church furniture).

Van Bassen, who was active in Delft and The Hague and was also an architect, mostly painted imaginary church and palace interiors, often with figures by other artists. Despite his changes to the church, the identification of the site can be confirmed by comparing the work with drawings of the St Cunerakerk made by Pieter Saenredam in 1644.




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