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Pegasus and the Muses

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Attributed to Girolamo ROMANINO , about 1484 - about 1560

Pegasus and the Muses

Date: about 1540
Medium: Oil on wood
Dimensions: 38 x 115.4 cm
Acquisition credit: Layard Bequest, 1916

The painting shows the mythological winged horse Pegasus striking the ground with his hoof and thus causing the fountain of Hippocrene to flow. The story comes from Ovid's 'Metamorphoses' (V, 312: 36, 374: 430).

Surrounding Pegasus are the Muses, singing and making music, while the daughters of Pierus, who sang in contest with them, stand in the background.

The painting was probably intended to be part of a piece of furniture, perhaps the lid of a musical instrument.




Animals, Clothing, People, Costumes, Adults, Groups, Men, Women, Mythological, Robes, Fauna, Animal, Wearing, Clothes, Group, Males, Females, Ladies, Robe, Mythology, Legend, Blowing, Playing, Sitting, Forests, Musical Instruments, Outdoor, Horse, Boulders, Drum, Flute, String Instruments, Violins, Horizontal, Play, Plays, Seated, Sit, Sits, Forest, Woods, Music, Outside, Outdoors, Exterior, Exteriors, Open air, Openair, Percussion, Percusion, String Instrument, Stringed, Pegasus, Muses, winged horse, fountain of Hippocrene, daughters of Pierus, wainscot, hoof, Ovid's 'Metamorphoses, lid

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