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Saint Ambrose (?)

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You are viewing image NG3081

Style of Ambrogio BERGOGNONE , active 1481; died 1523?

Saint Ambrose (?)

Date: late 15th century
Medium: Oil on poplar
Dimensions: 110.5 x 41.9 cm
Acquisition credit: Layard Bequest, 1916

This painting and 'Saint Paul', to judge by the perspective, were perhaps originally part of the upper tier of an altarpiece in compartments (polyptych).

Since the pictures are Milanese, the bishop is likely to be Saint Ambrose who was the patron saint of Milan.




Clothing, People, Religion, Holding, Costumes, Colour, Elderly, Man, Christianity, Robes, Green, Books, Beard, Moustache, 1 Person, Bishop, Crosiers, Halos, Vertical, Adult, Male, one person, Old, Aged, Color, Colours, Colors, Robe, Wearing, Clothes, Halo, Haloes, aureola, aureole, nimbus, nimbi, nimbuses, Christian, Religious, Crozier, Staffs, Crosier, Croziers, Staff, Hold, Holds, Book, Saint Ambrose, Miter, Mitre

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