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An Old Fiddler

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After Frans van MIERIS the Elder , 1635 - 1681

An Old Fiddler

Date: probably 18th century
Medium: Oil on oak
Dimensions: 28.9 x 22.9 cm
Acquisition credit: Layard Bequest, 1913

In the background at the right a woman writes on a slate. The man wears archaic late 16th-century dress which can be compared with 'Self Portrait of the Artist, with a Cittern' by Frans van Mieris.

This painting is a copy, perhaps of a much later date, of a picture by van Mieris, signed and dated 1660, which was last recorded with Knoedler and Co., New York, in 1946. It differs from the original in having a vine rather than ivy trailing over the arch. There are many other copies and variations of this composition.




Clothing, People, Costumes, Headwear, Colour, Elderly, Man, Woman, Hat, Red, Wearing, Clothes, Head Wear, Old, Aged, Adult, Male, Female, Lady, Color, Colours, Colors, Holding, Sitting, Writing, Musical Instruments, Tableware, Indoor, Vine, Vines, Fiddler, Leaves, Branches, Window, Table, Violin, Glass, 1 Person, 2 People, Vertical, Plants, Seated, Sit, Sits, Write, Writes, Musician, Music, Inside, Indoors, Interior, Interiors, String Instrument, One person, Two people, Table ware, Table wares, Tablewares, Hold, Holds, slate, fiddle, sleeve

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