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The Coronation of the Virgin: Central Main Tier Panel

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LORENZO MONACO , active 1399; died 1423 or 1424

The Coronation of the Virgin: Central Main Tier Panel

Short title: The Coronation of the Virgin
Date: 1407-9
Medium: Egg tempera on wood
Dimensions: 220.5 x 115.2 cm
Acquisition credit: Bought, 1902

The 'Coronation of the Virgin', the centre panel of the altarpiece, shows Mary being crowned Queen of Heaven by her son Jesus Christ, in the presence of saints and choirs of angels with musical instruments.

The saints on the left wing include Benedict (in white) with a book inscribed with the words from his Rule, Matthew with a book inscribed with words from his Gospel (2: 1), Miniato, Stephen, and Francis. Among the saints on the right wing are Romuald (in white), Peter holding keys, John the Evangelist with a book inscribed with words from his Gospel (1: 1), Lawrence and Dominic.

The altarpiece comes from the Camaldolese monastery (now destroyed) of San Benedetto fuori della Porta a Pinti, Florence. It is a smaller version of one painted in 1414 for the main church of the order in Florence, where Lorenzo Monaco was a monk.

The vertical strips on either side of this central panel have been reconstructed in order to recreate the effect of a unified pictorial surface.




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