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A River View

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Abraham STORCK , 1644 - 1708

A River View

Date: about 1690-1700
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 58.4 x 73.7 cm
Acquisition credit: Bequeathed by Lt-Col. J.H. Ollney, 1837

In the centre is a 'boeier yacht', a Dutch vessel, usually sprit-rigged, with deep rail and curved spoon bow, and on the right is a 'tjalk', a Dutch sprig-sail barge. Beyond is a 'statenjacht', a vessel used by the States General (the chamber of representative of the Dutch United Provinces), for the transport of its members or foreign dignitaries, with the arms of the Province of Holland on her stern and a Dutch ensign.

The church in the centre distance recalls Rotterdam Cathedral (St Lawrence), but the view is not topographically accurate.


Land, Sea & City


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