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Portrait of Lucas Fayd'herbe (?)

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Attributed to Pieter FRANCHOIJS , 1606 - 1654

Portrait of Lucas Fayd'herbe (?)

Date: about 1640-50
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 99.1 x 79.7 cm
Acquisition credit: Wynn Ellis Bequest, 1876

Lucas Fayd'Herbe was a cousin of Pieter Franchoijs and had returned to his native Malines in Belgium by 1640. The costume has been dated to about 1640-50.

Fayd'herbe was a pupil of Rubens, but Franchoijs has painted his cousin as a fashionable gentleman rather than as an artist. At this time artists were being presented and commemorated as worthy additions to the traditional careers that qualified as 'Famous Men'.




Clothing, Historical, People, Sitting, Arms, Costumes, Man, Portraits, Long Hair, Moustache, Vertical, Portrait, Portraiture, Adult, Male, History, Wearing, Clothes, Seated, Lucas Faydherbe, pupil of Rubens, Fayd'herbe, artist, architect, sculptor

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