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The Virgin and Child

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Domenico GHIRLANDAIO , 1449 - 1494

The Virgin and Child

Date: probably about 1480-90
Medium: Tempera on poplar
Dimensions: 88.9 x 57.8 cm
Acquisition credit: Mond Bequest, 1924

The minute details in this painting, most notably of light playing on the golden curls and on the silk scarf, are unusually well-preserved. Christ stands upon a sill and the edge of the painting is treated as a window opening.

On loan to the McLellan Galleries, Glasgow from January to April 2005 and The Bowes Museum, County Durham from April to June 2005.




Clothing, People, Religion, Holding, Looking, Costumes, Headwear, Colour, Baby, Boy, Child, Families, Naked People, Woman, Christianity, Robes, Veil, Green, Red, Mother, Son, 2 People, Biblical, Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, Vertical, Color, Colours, Colors, Kid, Young, Person, Male, Babe, Infancy, Infant, Adult, Female, Lady, Two people, Hold, Holds, Look, Looks, Wearing, Clothes, Robe, Head Wear, Naked, Nude, Family, Parent, Mater, Offspring, Christian, Religious, Biblical scenes, biblical scene, Christ, Messiah, Son of God, Virgin, Mary, Virgin and Child, cushion, sill, window opening, arched shape, altarpiece

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