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Angelica saved by Ruggiero

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Jean-Auguste-Dominique INGRES , 1780 - 1867

Angelica saved by Ruggiero

Date: 1819-39
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 47.6 x 39.4 cm
Acquisition credit: Bought, 1918

The subject is taken from Ariosto's epic poem, 'Orlando Furioso' (Canto 10). Ruggiero, riding on a hippogriff (a mythological animal which was half horse and half griffin), rescues Angelica from a sea monster.

This painting is a later and smaller version of a large picture on this subject which Ingres painted for Louis XVIII in 1819 which is now in the Louvre, Paris.


Land, Sea & City


People, Man, Naked People, Woman, Adult, Male, Female, Lady, Naked, Nude, Seas, Oceans, Weapons, Night, Outdoor, Boulders, Rescue, Armour, Spears, 2 People, Vertical, Water, Marine, Sea, Ocean, Weapon, Outside, Outdoors, Exterior, Exteriors, Open air, Openair, Spear, Two people, Rescue Services, Armed Forces, Armaments, Weaponry, Armor, Nightime, Night time, Darkness, Angelica, saved, Ruggiero, rock, Ariosto, epic, poem Orlando Furioso, hero, mounted, hippogriff, half horse, half griffin, saving, captive, sea monster, Medieval, romance, dragon, monster, claws, kill, rescuing, rescued, fight, fights, fighting, tied, captivity, French, Academicians Painters

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