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The Battle of Jemappes

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Emile-Jean-Horace VERNET , 1789 - 1863

The Battle of Jemappes

Date: 1821
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 177.2 x 288.3 cm
Acquisition credit: Bequeathed by Sir John Murray Scott, 1914

On 6 November 1792 Dumouriez defeated the Austrians under the Duke of Saxe-Teschen and Clerfayt at Jemappes, near Mons. This led to the French occupation of Belgium.

This is one of four battle scenes painted by Vernet for the duc d'Orléans (later King Louis-Philippe) depicting French successes in the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. The other three are 'The Battle of Hanau', 'The Battle of Montmirail' and 'The Battle of Valmy'. They were damaged in 1848 but restored under the artist's supervision.

The duc d'Orléans had been involved in this battle and in the battle of Valmy, and Vernet's pictures became part of his propaganda campaign to establish his revolutionary credentials.


Land, Sea & City, Historical


Historical, Military, People, War and Conflict, Army, Senior Officer, Adults, Men, Aftermath, Combat, Downfall, Victims, Cavalry, Soldiers, Generals, Destruction, Battlefields, History, Historic, Armed Forces, Warfare, War, Males, Aftermaths, Fighting, Battle, troops, Combatants, Army Officer, General, Destroyed, Battlefield, Wounded, Smoke, Landscapes, Outdoor, Skies, Defeat, Success, Victory, Dukes, Nobles, Horses, Wagon, Horizontal, Clouds, Grey Clouds, Smoky, Landscape, views, view, scenes, scene, scape, Outside, Outdoors, Successful, Winner, Triumph, Victorious, Vanquisher, Vanquished, Triumphant, Duke, Noble, Nobility, Aristocrat, Aristocracy, Sky, Cloud, Gray Clouds, Building, Buildings, Casualties, Injuries, Injury, Injured, Jemappes, Belgium, French, Revolutionary, Napoleonic Wars, Austrians, Austrian, General Dumouriez, General Drouet, Duc d'Orleans, King Louis-Philippe, Burning, Hills, Hilly, Defeated, Lost, Burning, Fire

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