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The Conversion of Saint Hubert: Left Hand Shutter

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Workshop of the MASTER of the LIFE of the VIRGIN , Active second half of the 15th century

The Conversion of Saint Hubert: Left Hand Shutter

Date: probably 1485-90
Medium: Oil on oak
Dimensions: 123 x 83.2 cm
Acquisition credit: Bought, 1854

This painting by a Cologne artist, together with 'The Mass of Saint Hubert' was one of the inside shutters of an altarpiece from the Benedictine Abbey at Werden, near Cologne. The outside shutters, depicting various saints, are also in the National Gallery Collection.

A stag with a crucifix between his antlers is said to have appeared to Hubert (about 656 - 727) while he was hunting on a holy day, after which he adopted the religious life, eventually becoming Bishop of Li├Ęge. The same story was told of Saint Eustace.


Land, Sea & City


Animals, People, Religion, Hunting, Kneeling, Trees, Forests, Hills, Man, Christianity, Worship, Landscapes, Outdoor, Painting, Dogs, Horse, Biblical, Cross, Crucifix, God, Jesus Christ, Saints, Praying, Worshipper, Vertical, Outside, Outdoors, Landscape, views, view, scenes, scene, scape, Adult, Male, Person, Hill, Forest, Woods, Hunt, Animal, Canines, Christian, Biblical scenes, Saint, Christ, Holy Father, God the Father, Worshiper, Saint Hubert, Ardennes, holy day, stag, antlers, Werden Altarpiece, Conversion, Renounce, Renunciation, Devotion, Renouncing, Devotee

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