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The Transfiguration

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You are viewing image NG1330

DUCCIO , active 1278; died 1319

The Transfiguration

Date: 1311
Medium: Tempera on poplar
Dimensions: 48.5 x 51.4 cm
Acquisition credit: Presented by R.H. Wilson, 1891

Christ appears in a transfigured state to the apostles Peter, John and James. Either side of Christ are Moses (left) and the prophet Elijah (right).

This panel was part of the back predella of Duccio's 'Maestà', and was immediately to the right of 'Jesus opens the Eyes of a Man born Blind'. Another panel from the 'Maestà' is in the collection, 'The Annunciation'.

The 'Maestà' was a monumental double-sided altarpiece ceremoniously delivered to Siena Cathedral in June 1311, and placed on the high altar. At the time it was the richest and most complex altarpiece in Christendom, but it was dismembered in 1771, and although most of it is in the Cathedral Museum in Siena, several predella panels and pinnacles are dispersed in collections throughout the world. The front of the altarpiece shows the Virgin and Child enthroned with saints and apostles, the predella depicts Christ's childhood, and the pinnacles, the last days of the Virgin. On the reverse the narrative runs from Christ's earthly ministry through his Passion to his latter day appearances.


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