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A Girl with a Kitten

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Probably by Jean-Baptiste PERRONNEAU , 1715/16 - 1783

A Girl with a Kitten

Date: 1743
Medium: Pastel on paper
Dimensions: 59.1 x 49.8 cm
Acquisition credit: Presented by Sir Joseph Duveen, 1921

Although it bears the artist's signature and the date 1745, it has been thought to be a later imitation of Perronneau, because of some uncertainty in the treatment of the anatomy and an excess of that charm associated with 18th-century French portraits of children. It may, however, be an original.

The girl, who has not been identified, has been posed by the artist, and the kitten by the girl; the apparent naturalness of the portrait is dependent on artifice. A cat is sometimes included in portraits of children as a symbol of the wildness of nature intruding upon the innocence of childhood.




Animals, Clothing, People, Pets, Costumes, Child, Girl, Young, Animal, Wearing, Clothes, Pet, Kid, Person, Female, Holding, Smiling, Colour, Portraits, Cat, Cute, Pretty, Innocence, Blue, Blonde, 1 Person, Vertical, Half-length, Hold, Holds, Smile, Smiles, Color, Colours, Colors, Portrait, Portraiture, Feline, Innocent, One person, Blond, kitten, kittens, rosy cheeks, bow, Happy

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