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Vanitas Still Life

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Jan Jansz. TRECK , 1605/6 - 1652

Vanitas Still Life

Date: 1648
Medium: Oil on oak
Dimensions: 90.5 x 78.4 cm
Acquisition credit: Presented by Anthony N. Sturt and his wife Marjorie, 1991

This painting belongs to the category of vanitas still lifes, which contain objects intended to cause the viewer to reflect on the inevitability of mortality and the consequent foolishness of all human ambition. They include a skull wreathed in straw, an hourglass, an extinguished pipe and tapers, musical instruments (a flute, a viol and bow), a black lacquer box and a Rhenish stoneware jug (both collectors' items), a book of music and a drawing, a shell and a straw used for blowing bubbles, and a helmet. The title-page is of a play by Theodore Rodenburgh (about 1578 - 1644) which was published in Amsterdam in 1618; it can be translated into English as 'Evil is its own reward'.


Objects, Musical Instruments, Still life, Jugs, Jug, Music, Pitcher, Pitchers, Stillife, Skull, Indoor, Drawings, Vertical, Inside, Indoors, drawing, picture, pictures, Human Skull, Human Skulls, Death, Vanitas, Vanity, Vanities, hourglass, hour glass, extinguished pipe, pipe, tapers, shell, Armour, Armor, Musical Score, book, books, evil, sketchbook, helmet, helmets, junk, stuff, mortality, flask, Dutch

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