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Sunset in the Auvergne

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Théodore Rousseau , 1812 - 1867

Sunset in the Auvergne

Date: possibly 1844
Medium: Oil on mahogany (?) panel
Dimensions: 20.5 x 23.9 cm
Acquisition credit: Salting Bequest, 1910

The view in this painting has been identified as from the Col de la Moreno at the foot of the Puy-de-Dôme in the Chaîne de Puy mountains in the Auvergne. Rousseau spent several months in this region in 1830 and in a series of studies produced during this visit he explored the natural effects of light and weather on the rugged landscape.


Land, Sea & City


People, Evening, Landscapes, Freedom, Rugged, Dusk, Sunset, Natural Landscapes, Square, Landscape, views, view, scenes, scene, scape, Twi light, Twilight, Sundown, Natural Landscape, Scenery, Scenic, Weather, Skies, Clouds, Cloudy, Grey, Grey Clouds, Sky, Gray, Gray Clouds, Cloud, Auvergne, vast, vastness, expanse, Gloomy, Dark

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