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A Musical Party

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You are viewing image NG1879

After Caspar NETSCHER , 1635/6 - 1684

A Musical Party

Date: after 1665
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 55.5 x 45 cm
Acquisition credit: May Bequest, 1854

The young man seated on the left is playing a theorbo; in front of him on the floor is its case. In the centre of the wall behind the figures is a landscape with a carved gilt frame and, on the left, a wall-sconce.

This painting is a copy of a composition by Caspar Netscher, the original (or best version) of which is signed and dated 1665 (Munich, Alte Pinakothek). There are a number of other replicas or copies of this design.


Clothing, People, Costumes, Musical Instruments, Adults, Groups, Men, Women, Bodice, String Instruments, Wearing, Clothes, Group, Males, Females, Ladies, Corset, Music, String Instrument, Stringed, Playing, Reading, Sitting, Decoratives, Furniture, Indoor, Paintings, Luxury, Wealthy, Frame, Table, Vertical, Play, Plays, Seated, Sit, Sits, furnitures, Furnishings, Decorative, Inside, Indoors, Interior, Interiors, Wealth, Prosperity, Prosperous, Luxurious, Opulent, Opulence, Musical Party, theorbo, case, carved gilt frame, wall-sconce, cithern, cither, citole, gittern, lute, merry company, past, book, past time

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